Your Career Is Waiting

Finding a new position means knowing how to effectively market yourself - from cover letter up until your first week on the new job. We've gathered the expertise of resume writers, career coaches, recruiters, and hiring managers so that we can provide comprehensive advise to job seekers.

The secret weapon is marketing experience. That comes in handy when marketing your most valuable asset - yourself. With our career services you've got a marketer on the case for your Personal Brand.

  • Executive Resume Writing - We don't take your resume and rewrite it. Anyone can do that. Instead, we interview you to gain a deep understanding of your experience and, more importantly, what kind of job you are looking for. Using that information, we can craft a resume that helps you stand you - even to the computerized resume scanning systems more corporations now used.

  • Resume Critiques - Most hiring managers spend less than a minute looking at a resume before making the decision whether to keep it or trash it. Are you making the best impression? If your resume is in decent shape, a resume critique can be the extra boost you need. Let a professional give some suggestions to help you improve this critical document.

  • Interview Preparation & Practice - Practice makes perfect. Learn what types of answers employers expect from Behavioral Interviews, how to research a company prior to your interview, and the types of questions you should be asking when the tables get turned. Be ready to go in and close the deal! (We can guide you through those job offer negotiations, too.)

  • Online Image Governance - Employers will be looking you up on the internet. We can help you manage your online profile so that they see the best of you. This includes a LinkedIn Summary, Twitter recommendations, and information about protecting your personal info and opinions online.