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May Money Makeover

Webinar Series

It's time to get your financial life under control. This collection of beginner and intermediate classes focuses on key aspects of financial literacy. The webinars will take place weekends throughout May, with each session focusing on a different topic. Sessions are only $25 each and are led by Shelly Washington, a 12-year veteran of the financial services industry. 

The series includes:

Money Management: Budgeting and Saving - Sun May 7th, 6pm ET

Recommended to be the first session, this session will give you the fundamental vocabulary and framework to begin to think about money differently. You will learn about savings and investment vehicles, how to create a budget based on your personal priorities, learn your net worth, and how to know when you are ready to invest. Reserve your spot now.

Understanding Credit Reports and Scores - Sat May 13th - 11am ET

Credit scoring is complicated and not understood by most of us, but not understanding credit can be very costly. This session will focus on what is and is not including in your credit report and how to maximize your credit score. Reserve your spot now.

Getting Out of Debt - Sat, May 20th, 11am ET

This session is designed to share strategies to pay off all kinds of debt -- one of life's major stressors. You will also learn the difference between "good" and "bad" debt and how to evaluate whether you should incur debt for a particular purpose. Reserve your spot now.

Homebuyer Preparation - Sun, May 21st, 6pm ET

Prepare yourself for homeownership -- from figuring out what you can afford to securing financing to maintaining your home as one of your biggest investments. Reserve your spot now.

Investing and Retirement - Sat, May 27th 11am ET

New intermediate-level class! Learn about the various investment vehicles that allow you to invest in the stock market. Get age-appropriate strategies from yours 20s to your 60s. Reserve your spot now.

Maximizing Credit Card Rewards Sun, May 28th, 6pm ET

New intermediate-level class! Most people think of credit cards as a way to spend money, But millions of people MAKE money from credit cards every day. Learn about the financial benefits of choosing credit over debit, and how to make money from your credit instead of creditors only making money from you! Reserve your spot now.

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